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There is that tire ship in Burlington, Ontario that likes to give its customers some of the best tires on the market without having them pay an arm and a leg. The shop is Dream Tire and its customers like performance tires. So the perfect answer, according to owner Richard Nieborowski, is Cooper Tires.

Many other brands

Richard also has quite a lot of other brands on his tire rack. Actually, most major brands can be found in his catalogs. But Richard has a little knack for the American Cooper brand. Why? Nieborowski has a quick answer to that : " Cooper Tires fill the gap where the only possible solution is a very expensive tire by a major brand. Cooper Tires are offered at an average price and they offer a very nice quality. As a matter of fact, we get no complaints from our customers."

The Cooper choice

Dream Tire Inc customers are mostly city drivers. Still, the shop has a nice array of Cooper Tires to offer including the very popular Cobra GT. "This is the affordable tire that is much sought after by traditional American car owners, people who have Mustangs, Camaros and such." And there is the Lifeliner SLE "That sells very well, especially in the now more common 17-inch wheel size. Actually, Cooper has Lifeliner fitments for 17-inch wheels that most other manufacturers don't have as replacement tires!" adds our man from Burlington. There even are 225-50 R17 and 225-55 R17 sizes that are not easy to find as a replacement tire at a reasonable price. Then, for pick-up truck and SUV owners,
the Cooper Discovery AT is much sought after in his area : "And sales of that product are picking up quickly" adds Richard.

Customers know what they want

The funny part about those Cooper Tires is that, according to Richard, they do not necessarily need a lot of advertisement. Though Dream Tire does advertise mostly through its yellow page ads or in its local district (and it gets help from the company and Canada Tire Supply), Richard quickly points out that many customers just walk in and ask for the tire they want : "While some customers go for the dollar factor, these Cooper customers want an American made product. They don't want to hear anything about imported tires, whether they are Asian or European. They have an automatic trust into the brand. Then, there is the high mileage and the protection they get from Cooper."

Dream Tire's future

In case you might not know, Cooper is also in the commercial truck tire business. Richard sells quite a few of them. But as he says, the competition is very harsh in that field. Nonetheless, he has a lot of plans for Dream Tire's future. These include expanding the actual
7000-sq.ft., four-bay garage and establishing a branch in the Mississauga area. For the moment, Dream Tire has only four employees and it sells some other car-related products like custom wheels. Dream Tire also delivers to service stations. But it will surely need more people before long, especially now that Richard is expecting some exciting new products from Cooper. Still, Nieborowski insists on giving the best service in the business : "There is a lot of competition out there. And many dealers do not respect their customers the way we see it. So, we will give the best service we possibly can".
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